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Contextual advertising (PPC) is a complex of works for attracting target audience from advertising systems to convert them into business customers. PPC advertising is the most flexible Internet marketing tool.

PPC: contextual advertising

You create the Internet project (corporate site, online store, portal or service) to get new clients for your business. But clients can simply not find your site in the Internet. PPC advertising is a complex of works on creation paid ads in search results or on other sites. The result of such works is attracting target audience to the Internet project.

Site itself is useless if it doesn't have the target audience of your business.

PPC service solves the problem of controlled target audience attraction of your business. With a help of PPC it is possible to get visitors from search engines, social networks and other sites. As 50% of customers search for goods and services in search engines, within PPC service contextual advertising is usually placed in search engines.

What is PPC advertising?

3 main advantages of PPC advertising:

  1. Profitability. PPC is more profitable than other tools of the Internet marketing.
  2. Accurate addressing of advertising message. From search engines and social networks to the site comes «ready-to-buy» audience. Besides, PPC allows to focus on particular narrow segments of audience.
  3. Immediate result. PPC allows to attract target audience in short terms. It helps to quickly react on sales and business seasonal offers.

We offer

1 [PPC] product payment options
  • PPC with a monthly fee PPC with a monthly fee is the simplest and because of that the most popular payment option for [PPC] product. We recommend this payment option for small and medium Internet projects.
  • PPC with an hourly fee PPC with hourly fee is the most transparent payment option for [PPC] product. We recommend this payment option for big projects and for those who want to use beneficial outsource model for non-key business competences (in this case PPC).

2 Components of [PPC] product available for order
  • Audit of PPC campaigns The aim of this service is to increase the effectiveness of client's advertising campaigns. Basing on the deep analysis, our experts provide a clear list of recommendations to optimize campaigns.
  • Setting advertising PPC campaigns The service of setting PPC advertising campaigns will be useful for them who wants to independently work with business contextual advertising but prefer to entrust launching to certified specialists.

3 Product [PPC for branding]
  • [PPC for branding] This product solves branding tasks, helps to spread information about business goods or services and create or increase demand on the market.

4 Product [PPC automation]
  • [PPC automation] The product is designed for medium and big business which PPC advertising requires analyzing big amount of data. Systems that we use are based on mathematical algorithms which help to spread bids among keywords in a way to achieve maximum effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Price table

Product [PPC] [PPC for branding] [PPC automation]
[PPC] product payment options Components of [PPC] product available for order

PPC with a monthly fee

PPC with an hourly fee

Audit of advertising PPC campaigns

Setting advertising PPC campaigns
Price from 400 $ from 400 $
(30 $ per hour)
from 400 $ from 400 $
(30 $ per hour)
from 400 $ from 400 $
Monthly Single payment Monthly

We use

  • Contextual advertising systems

    Google AdWords — is a contextual advertising system that allows to place ads in Google search results and on the sites within media network. Price of advertising campaign varies depending on project's topic because price for click can be different for different keywords.

    Bing Ads — is a service that provides pay per click advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo! search engines. As of the fourth quarter 2012, Bing Ads has 15.6% market share in the United States.

  • Target advertising systems

    Facebook — is the biggest social network in the world. One of its features is possibility to place paid ads. Target ads allow to use very flexible settings for segmenting target audience of users by many different criteria — the audience who is more likely to be interested in advertised goods or services.

  • Banner advertising systems

    Google Display Network — is a banner advertising system that allows to place media ads according to specified advertising sites selection settings. Cost of advertising campaign and prices vary depending on site's topic. Banner placing is possible both for cost per clicks (CPC) and cost per impressions (CPM) payment options.

Netpeak Client Dashboard

After the works are started Netpeak client gets the access to Netpeak Client Dashboard — it's a unique development on the market and offers next conveniences to clients:

  1. Fast notifications about work progress.
  2. Advanced but easy to understand analytics.
  3. Control of site's operability.
  4. Notifications about account balance.
  5. KPI control: general site indexes, conversions data (goals, events, e-commerce).
  6. Feedback possibility for a client about promotional results.
  7. Many other information that is not available in public services.
Netpeak Client Dashboard: KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and comments of specialists Netpeak Client Dashboard: basic data about site traffic Netpeak Client Dashboard: important data about the results of work

Each client gets personal card to access Netpeak Client Dashboard:

Personal card to access Netpeak Client Dashboard

Our specialists

  1. Are experienced in working with 1086 projects of different niches for 8 years of work.
  2. Often take part at different industry events with reports on the Internet marketing, SEO and PPC.
  3. From time to time public materials in topical media.
  4. Have Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Bing Ads certificates.
  5. Would not work in our company if they couldn't cope with the tasks of the client.

Case studies

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Our certificates

Netpeak — Google partner
  • Netpeak — Google Analytics Technology Partner
  • Netpeak — agency with record number of certified specialists in Google Analytics
  • Netpeak — Bing Accredited Professional company

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